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  1. The new rules will also require all gamers to use a real-name registration and details such a WeChat

    China imposes curfew on children playing games online

    China has imposed a curfew to limit the time spent by children playing games online, in the latest part of a government crackdown on youth gaming ...
  2. Kojima grew up obsessively watching movies, and his games are known for their cinematic quality

    Hideo Kojima: Enigmatic games creator inspired by movies

    Hideo Kojima, creator of the hugely anticipated Death Stranding game released this week, turned a family obsession with film into a talent for ...
  3. Team Singapore at the Razer SEA Games e-sports bootcamp

    Commentary: E-sports is the future of all sports

    While traditional sports are still more mainstream than e-sports, e-sports meet fans’ desires for interactivity, says University of Salford, ...
  4. Thomas Kopankiewicz

    ‘It's my game to lose’: New passport for the e-sports gamer going the extra mile in quest for SEA Games gold

    The second feature in a series of profiles for this year's SEA Games sees Matthew Mohan speak to a gamer who is already visualising victory in the ...
  5. Blame Game
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    Ep 25: Blame Game

    In May 2019, the World Health Organisation named gaming addiction as a disorder. CNA correspondents take a closer look at the gaming scene in Asia ...
  6. Loot box

    New laws needed to regulate ‘novel’ gambling products such as loot boxes in video games: Josephine Teo

    The Second Minister for Home Affairs also shares how remote gambling has taken off in Singapore, three years after the Government allowed two ...
  7. E-sports: Singapore company partners Chinese firm to level up | Video
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    E-sports: Singapore company partners Chinese firm to level up | Video

    To tap on the growing e-sports industry, local sports media firm Orientivity has tied up with Chinese production company Touch Video Live ...
  8. Fans watch a multi-player video game competition during The International Dota 2 Championships at K

    Gamers risk health in bid to be eSports millionaires