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  1. Gaming disorder

    WHO names 'gaming disorder' as mental health problem

  2. razer CEP

    'I've just gotten started': Razer’s Tan Min-Liang on future plans, setting up shop in Singapore

    The CEO of the recently listed gaming peripherals company shared that Southeast Asia is one of his key focus areas for “the next couple of years”.
  3. Zero Latency VR gaming 2

    Staying ahead of the game: Singapore company bets on VR to draw the gamers

    Tomorrow Entertainment is bringing virtual reality gaming to the next level with Zero Latency Singapore – a free-roam VR playground that executive ...
  4. Razer Phone1

    Razer unveils Razer Phone targeting mobile gamers

    The gaming accessories company is hoping to carve a niche focusing on its core customer base - gaming enthusiasts - with its first smartphone that ...
  5. (dl) gamer 3

    From playing in arcades and a one-room flat, to top of the world

    He is Singapore's first world champ in gaming - a dream that might not have been, if not for a friend who saw something special in him and paid ...
  6. Asia Default Image

    Chinese woman goes blind in one eye after mobile gaming marathon

  7. file photo phone woman 4

    Scammers on WeChat cheat victims of more than S$70,000: Police

    Pop-up ads in online games such as The Legend of the Condor Heroes, Jian Xia Qing Yuan 3, Three Kingdoms Rush and Xi Fei Zhuan offered discounted ...
  8. Nintendo switch

    Nintendo reboots with new Switch game console

    Nintendo unveiled its new Switch game console Friday, which works both at home and on-the-go, as it tries to offset disappointing Wii U sales and ...
  9. Razer Project Valerie

    Razer prototypes stolen from booth at CES 2017

    The stolen prototypes are of Project Valerie - billed by Razer as the world's first triple-display laptop.
  10. hibidi award

    Singapore team claims 3rd in international FIFA gaming competition

    With their third-place finish, the trio earned US$60,000 in prize money.