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  1. Bangladesh garment industry

    Bangladesh garment makers ask government to extend export subsidy

  2. Garment workers protest for higher wages in Dhaka

    Bangladesh police use tear gas, water cannons on protesting garment workers

    Bangladeshi police used water cannons, tear gas and batons to disperse thousands of protesting garment factory workers on Wednesday, after they ...
  3. Garment workers stand on the back of a truck as they travel to work, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh

    Cambodia's garment workers fear EU trade threat but producers optimistic

    A European Union decision to ramp up trade pressure on Cambodia has alarmed unions in its garment industry, a pillar of the economy that employs ...
  4. An employee works inside a garment factory of Orient Craft Ltd in Gurgaon

    Garment industry in northern India hit hard by demonetisation

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's drive to purge "black cash" from the economy has dealt a severe blow to small time traders and shopkeepers ...