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  1. Pow Sing Kitchen

    Suspension of Pow Sing Restaurant, Kitchen lifted after food poisoning outbreak

    The restaurants were previously suspended after multiple patrons suffered from gastroenteritis after dining there.
  2. Map NZ gastroenteritis

    Suspected animal faeces contamination in New Zealand town water supply, inquiry launched

    According to Radio New Zealand, the town's water supply has been contaminated with the campylobacter bacteria, causing up to 2,000 people to fall ...
  3. pow sing 2

    Chicken rice restaurant Pow Sing suspended for link to gastroenteritis outbreak

    A total of 29 cases linked to the restaurant were reported, MOH, NEA and AVA say.
  4. pek kio food centre

    'Never seen such a massive number of cases': Doctor who alerted MOH about gastroenteritis outbreak

    Dr Angela Cheong, a GP at Cheong Clinic along Owen Road, says that throughout her 20 years of practice, she has not seen such a "massive number of ...