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  1. Masaaki

    Omakase restaurants in Singapore: The next best thing to being in Japan right now

    Sure, snagging a reservation at some of the best omakase restaurants in town can be a challenge, but here’s a whole slew of options – both new and ...
  2. Kin-Heritage-dishes-2021

    There’s plenty more you don’t know about Singapore’s culinary heritage

    By recapturing the essence of 100-year-old recipes and introducing them to a new generation, chef Damian D’Silva inadvertently offers diners a ...
  3. The Lounge at Riviera Mediterranean Spread

    Where to dine this weekend: Casual Mediterranean fare with views over Marina Bay

    Riviera at One Fullerton now serves up relaxed Mediterranean cuisine with its new concept, The Lounge at Riviera.
  4. Sakura Afternoon Tea

    Miss Japan? Here’s how you can experience sakura season in Singapore

    We don’t know when our next trip to Japan will be, but the good news is that you can experience cherry blossom season right here in Singapore.
  5. Ep 8
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    Ep 8: Living Without Reservations

    At Karmakamet Conveyance in Thailand, let go of any dining notions, self-taught tailors Gerald and Diana lovingly hand stitch ties, and visit a ...
  6. Karmakamet Conveyance Bangkok restaurant

    No menu, no expectations: This fine-dining restaurant is full of surprises

    At Karmakamet Conveyance in Bangkok, former artist-turned-chef Jutamas “Som” Theantae prefers to let diners form their own interpretations of the ...
  7. Clos Pasoh

    Foodies, here are two new restaurants to check out this weekend

    Making plans for the weekend? Embark on a culinary journey at these new restaurants.
  8. Waku Ghin - Extended Bar

    Two-Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant Waku Ghin reopens at Marina Bay Sands

    It has been a two-year wait, but gourmands can now look forward to a widened repertoire of Japanese fine-dining experiences.
  9. Ep 7
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    Ep 7: In Pursuit Of The Perfect Suit

    80/20 is a Thai restaurant that uses only local produce, Japanese tailor Ciccio dedicates his life to make the perfect suit, and an architect has ...
  10. #2 AMOR AL MAIZ with Aguardiente Swizzle

    Michelin Guide Singapore launches new travel-themed gastrobar pop-up series

    Four bars and four Michelin-recommended restaurants will bring diners on a journey to Italy, Latin America, Scandinavia, Japan and Southeast Asia, ...