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  1. A gay pride parade in Hong Kong: campaigners say it lags behind in LGBT rights

    Hong Kong government defends gay marriage ban in court

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    Cuba panel closes door on gay marriage constitutional amendment

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    Bermuda appeals to London high court to enforce gay marriage ban

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    Bermuda top court reverses government's gay marriage ban 

  5. first gay marriage australia

    First gay marriages take place in Australia

  6. PM Lee on BBC HardTalk

    PM Lee discusses gay rights and succession planning on BBC's HARDTalk

    If a referendum was held today, Section 377A - a provision of the Penal Code which criminalises sex between men - would still stand, says Prime ...
  7. Hollande in Prague

    Hollande's presidency: Terrorism, protests, love life scandal

    Francois Hollande's presidency has been overshadowed by an unprecedented wave of militant attacks, violent protests over labour reforms and ...
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    Thousands rally in Taiwan to oppose same-sex marriage

    Thousands protested in Taipei on Thursday (Nov 17) against draft bills that would make Taiwan the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex ...
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    Obama's consequential presidency draws to a close

    History will remember Barack Obama as America's first black president. But his eight years in office have thoroughly shaken up America's role in ...