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  1. Chan Heng Chee Yale-NUS

    'I was an accidental ambassador': Chan Heng Chee on being a female icon, the sacrifices she made and Singapore’s changing politics

    Speaking about her new book World in Transition on the Heart of the Matter podcast, Professor Chan also touched on women in leadership, how ...
  2. woman silhouette,silent,shadow,sexual harassment,stigma

    Commentary: Contrary to what we expect, women in senior roles face more workplace sexual harassment

    Female managers not only experience workplace sexual harassment at higher rates than other females, they also face different types of sexual ...
  3. woman, presentation, public speaking

    Commentary: The painful collision between work life and pregnancy loss

    Employees who have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth are more likely to quit their jobs and suffer from impaired work performance. Pregnancy ...
  4. Cho Doo-soon

    Commentary: Why a convicted rapist’s release in South Korea stirs anguish 12 years after the crime

    Cho Doo-soon, the perpetrator of a horrific rape case involving an 8-year-old, was released last week, stirring up public outrage over South ...
  5. A woman holds her stomach at the last stages of her pregnancy in Bordeaux

    Commentary: The cult of work is eroding the value of parenthood

    The work of homemakers, driven almost entirely by females, often goes unnoticed as much of it occurs in the private domain, says June Yong.
  6. Role of women in the rise of Artificial Intelligence | Video
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    Role of women in the rise of Artificial Intelligence | Video

    A new study finds women, more than men, could be hurt by the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace. The World Economic Forum says ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: Provincial health workers perform coronavirus disease tests in Gull Bay

    Gender pay gap narrows only marginally in Europe

    The pay gap between men and women doing the same job in Europe narrowed only marginally this year, the European Commission said on Friday, even ...
  8. AllBright women-only members club

    It’s 2020. Why are female entrepreneurs still facing gender bias?

    Despite advances in gender equality, research has shown that women still face discrimination when proposing business ideas. But a new women-only ...
  9. Women are pictured wearing protective face masks and face shields

    Commentary: COVID-19 is likely to worsen gender inequality in Asia

    Previous pandemics show that women are worse-off in terms of economic security and job opportunities, say observers.