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  1. Women are pictured wearing protective face masks and face shields

    Commentary: COVID-19 is likely to worsen gender inequality in Asia

    Previous pandemics show that women are worse-off in terms of economic security and job opportunities, say observers.
  2. Mother feeding her baby at home

    Commentary: Perhaps now, stay-home mums will get the credit they deserve

    The workload of stay-home mothers is far from light and the skills that they have been quietly honing in the background are precisely the ones ...
  3. IOC President Bach attends a news conference in Lausanne

    IOC to allow male/female flagbearers at Tokyo Games

    National teams can appoint a man and a woman as their flag bearers at the opening ceremony for this year's Tokyo Olympics after the International ...
  4. 92nd Academy Awards - Oscars Photo Room - Hollywood

    Commentary: Why is there Best Actress and Best Actor categories at Oscar’s but only one Best Director?

    Perhaps it’s time to scrap such categories when wins should be based on merit, not gender, says Ian Dixon.
  5. Kelden
    Media playtime


    In an industrial town in Bhutan, 13-year-old Kelden grabs every opportunity to play football. She is selected for the Bhutan team to compete in ...
  6. The recent gang rape and murder of a girl in India has sparked renewed fury over endemic levels of

    Commentary: Why the huge problem of rape in India isn’t going away

    Seven years after a rape that rocked the nation, things haven’t changed much, says Anurag Viswanath.
  7. Marriage

    Commentary: Do men feel stressed if their wives earn more?

    Men who are the only earners are relatively unhappy, but they are not as stressed as men whose partners are the principal earners, says an expert.
  8. FILE PHOTO: The Goldman Sachs company logo is seen in the company's space on the floor of the

    Goldman Sachs unveils internal campaign on use of gender identity pronouns

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc said on Friday it has launched an internal campaign to promote awareness about pronouns and how employees self-identify.