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  1. Workers walk to work during the morning rush hour in the financial district of Canary Wharf in Lond

    Britain may intervene to get more women in top finance jobs

    Banks, insurers and other financial firms in Britain may have to come up with tougher targets for getting women into top jobs, UK financial ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Women walk past a poster of Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud durin

    Saudi Arabia to address abuse of male guardianship system: Media reports

    Saudi Arabia will study how its male guardianship system is being abused, Saudi media reported on Monday, after the flight of an 18-year-old woman ...
  3. Raffles Place CBD Singapore (4)

    Board diversity council expands scope to include female representation in organisations

  4. A baby who was left in the baby box of Jusarang Community Church is laid in a baby bed in Seoul

    Not a baby factory: South Korea tries to fix demographic crisis with more gender equality

    In just over a decade, South Korea has spent the equivalent of a small European economy trying to fix its demographic crisis, yet birthrates have ...
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    Icelandic women walk off the job in wage gap protest

  6. Woman at work looking at iPad.

    Commentary: The myth of the superhero career woman is holding us back

    Stop telling women that they can have it all if they just work hard enough, says one observer.
  7. A couple and their child at the seaside.

    Commentary: A tale of two bankers and modern parenting

    Working part-time for a few years while raising young children may not cost you much in financial terms but it will undoubtedly slow down your ...
  8. A woman walks past a portrait of J. Jayalalithaa, Chief Minister of the southern state of Tamil Nad

    Commentary: India has a sexual assault problem only women can fix

    Having more female leaders in politics won't solve violence against women or other gender issues, but it can better protect vulnerable women from ...
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    Commentary: In India, women confined to homes, in cities designed for men

    Even in India’s large metropolitan cities, such as Delhi and Mumbai, the proportion of women commuters never rises above 20 per cent, says one ...
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    Commentary: Dear South Korea, please don't give up on having more babies

    South Korea's ageing population and its plunging birth rates, when combined, are giving the country a massive demographic headache, says one observer.