gender equality

gender equality

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    Commentary: In India, women confined to homes, in cities designed for men

    Even in India’s large metropolitan cities, such as Delhi and Mumbai, the proportion of women commuters never rises above 20 per cent, says one ...
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    Commentary: Dear South Korea, please don't give up on having more babies

    South Korea's ageing population and its plunging birth rates, when combined, are giving the country a massive demographic headache, says one observer.
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    Commentary: What took us so long to move against marital immunity for rape?

    The journey towards a potential abolishment of marital immunity for rape, as part of a review of the Penal Code, raises questions about how our ...
  4. The logo of the 75th Venice Film Festival is seen in Venice

    Venice Film Festival moves on gender equality, but no sign of quotas

    The organisers of the Venice Film Festival signed a pledge on Friday to work towards gender equality, hoping to mollify critics who have accused ...
  5. woman hiding

    Commentary: Many high-achieving women feel like phonies

    Feeling like a fraud is extraordinarily common, especially among high-achieving women who often retrospectively report feeling anxious, says one ...
  6. Father daughter family Singapore

    Commentary: Married couples want better work-life balance

    The rise of dual-income couples is beneficial for the economy, but it comes at a cost as parents struggle to find a balance between work and ...
  7. father and child

    Commentary: Gender equality is not just a 'women’s issue'

    Gender equality is often framed as a responsibility of women, and that they ought to be more outspoken or assertive to climb the career ladder, ...
  8. mother child

    Commentary: 'Super mums' have one simple request. Don’t hinder them from returning to work

    Mothers like Rahayu Mahzam, who seems to be on top of it all, should spur us to think about how to support mums who want to return to work, says ...
  9. A laundry basket in a home.

    Commentary: Are women still expected to do most of the housework?

    The gender gap in housework seems to be narrowing but women still carry the load, says one observer from the University of Melbourne.