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  1. Every Woman
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    Every Woman

    A crusade led by fearless women in the 19th and 20th centuries leads to empowered choices, voices and rights for every woman in Singapore.
  2. Couple wearing the same clothes

    Commentary: Why men should care and do more about women’s issues

    The upcoming review of gender issues in Singapore must involve an often overlooked demographic – men – says AWARE member Kristian-Marc James Paul.
  3. Having wine at a gathering

    Commentary: Is drinking the problem in cases of sexual assault?

    Recent cases of sexual assault involving victims who were intoxicated should not excuse perpetrators for abusive behaviour, says AWARE’s Shailey ...
  4. Big Read Oct 4 Gender Inequality in Singapore

    The Big Read: Gender equality in Singapore remains elusive amid entrenched attitudes about women’s roles

    Patriarchal values, and the traditional mindset about gender roles - such as the wife being primarily responsible for matters at home with the ...
  5. AllBright women-only members club

    It’s 2020. Why are female entrepreneurs still facing gender bias?

    Despite advances in gender equality, research has shown that women still face discrimination when proposing business ideas. But a new women-only ...
  6. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
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    Sexual offences, quotas and serving NS: K Shanmugam speaks frankly about women’s issues

    After launching a series of public engagements on women’s issues in a move towards greater gender equality on Sunday (Sep 20), Home Affairs and ...
  7. People wearing mask at Orchard Road Singapore Feb 3 (49)

    Commentary: Here’s what women really want regarding gender equality

    As the Government looks to make gender equality a fundamental societal value, caregiving, employment and the sexual objectification of women ...