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  1. Olympics Tokyo Mori

    Commentary: Japanese official’s sexist comments may be last straw for unpopular Tokyo Olympics

    Japan’s poor record on gender equality, coupled with the exasperated stream of day-to-day discrimination reported on social media, made the gaffe ...
  2. family

    Commentary: How helping at home benefited my wife, our children and even me

    To achieve gender equality in the Singapore workplace, we need to talk about equality at home, says HSBC’s Daniel Fitzpatrick.
  3. woman boss

    Commentary: Women managers face double standards at work

    Gendered differences in expectations make us see Queen Bees when they aren’t really there, say two experts.
  4. Japan office workers

    Commentary: Despite achieving economic success, Japan struggles with gender gap

    Japan’s gender gap is the largest among all advanced economies, and has worsened in part driven by a widening of the political gender gap, says an ...
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: When a rap song sparks a bitter, long-needed gender debate in South Korea

    'Sister, why mad? Blame system, not men. I am feminist,' raps South Korean rapper, San E, in his recently released song Feminist.
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: The enormous, avoidable waste of human capital caused by gender inequality

    We cannot afford to tolerate the enormous yet preventable waste of human capital caused by gender inequality, says one observer.
  7. Women "are sick of sexism and discimination, sick of wage inequality," Switzerland's

    Commentary: The unequal, unnoticed life of a female worker

    Gender inequality manifests itself in quiet ways that aren’t often picked up, in unpaid care work and unequal pay for equal work, says AWARE’s ...