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  1. A couple sits next to a river in Singapore on February 12, 2008

    Commentary: Should a man be expected to earn more than his wife?

    Why do both sexes exaggerate the man’s salary if he is not the higher earner? One Financial Times columnist explores the dynamics when a couple ...
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    Commentary: For women of different cultures, classes, backgrounds and age – it’s still a man’s world

    On International Women’s Day, nine women say what they have in common is their experience of an environment that is still largely a man’s world.
  3. Canadian passport creative commons

    Canada soon to allow gender-neutral passports

  4. TP man up 1

    ‘Stop being a girl and man up’: Boys face gender police, even as men’s roles change

    A survey of teens by Aware showed that boys told to ‘take it like a man' by peers are 4 times more likely to bully others. Programme Talking Point ...
  5. ERT 3

    Singapore's ability to tackle transnational crime, terrorism enhanced: MHA

    The Registration of Criminals (Amendment) Act facilitates “the sharing of information recorded in the Register of Criminals with foreign law ...
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    NUS investigating reports of inappropriate orientation activities

    "We do not condone any behaviour or activity that denigrates the dignity of individuals, and that has sexual connotations," says the National ...
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    US election: Trump losing ground with female voters

    Winning over women is critical for the 2016 presidential election candidates because females vote in greater numbers than males.