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  1. PSA's Citroen test drives new electric city car AMI in Paris

    Citroen pitches car at TikTok generation

    France's Citroen has a new vehicle it hopes will reach a market most major carmakers have not tapped - drivers as young as 14.
  2. FILE PHOTO: Premier League - Liverpool v Burnley

    Football: Exciting times for Arsenal under Arteta, says Klopp

    Mikel Arteta is part of an exciting new manager generation and could turn Arsenal back into title contenders, Liverpool boss Juergen Klopp said on ...
  3. today big read ok boomer

    The Big Read: What ‘OK boomer’ reveals about the divide between Singapore millennials and their elders

    Interviews with millennials and boomers in Singapore found that intergenerational quarrel had already broken out here long before the meme found ...
  4. big family three generations

    Commentary: All under one roof, the dramatic rise of the three-generation household

    More kids are living with their grandparents and parents, says one observer.