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  1. Constance Wu filming in Singapore

    Fresh off the boat: Crazy Rich Asians’ Constance Wu filming on location in Singapore

    The Fresh Off the Boat star tells Channel NewsAsia’s Genevieve Loh her first impressions of Singapore and what it means to be a part of a film ...
  2. Minions in Despicable Me 3

    Movie review: Despicable Me 3

    Channel NewsAsia's Genevieve Loh says Despicable Me 3 shows no signs of slowing down and still hits the sweet spot.
  3. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (Photo: Warner Bros)

    Should women serve National Service? Wonder Woman Gal Gadot weighs in

    The Israeli actress tells Channel NewsAsia’s Genevieve Loh that even her army training did not prepare her for the intensive training she had to ...
  4. Unforgettable movie

    Movie review: Unforgettable is pretty forgettable

    The title should already set off early alarm bells, says Channel NewsAsia's Genevieve Loh.
  5. Royston Tan 667 collage

    Royston Tan to produce Singapore’s first dialect film anthology

    Director Boo Junfeng, who is making his acting debut in Liao Jiekai's short film, shares with Channel NewsAsia’s Genevieve Loh how he “failed ...
  6. New Content Item

    Are films like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 the answer to superhero fatigue?

    Leading man Chris “Star-Lord” Pratt and director James Gunn tell Channel NewsAsia’s Genevieve Loh the secret of the game-changing Guardians of the ...
  7. Going IN style movie still

    Movie Review: Going In Style goes nowhere

    Channel NewsAsia's Genevieve Loh thinks director Zack Braff squandered the potential comedy gold he could have mined from A-listers Michael Caine, ...
  8. New Content Item

    Singapore filmmaker Boo Junfeng wins top prize at Swiss Film Festival for Apprentice

    He also tells Channel NewsAsia's Genevieve Loh that he's now starting to write his next film.
  9. Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy in Jackie

    Movie review: Natalie Portman stuns in award-worthy performance in Jackie

    Channel NewsAsia's Genevieve Loh says the sublime Natalie Portman is perfect in her portrayal of the iconic former First Lady Jackie Kennedy.
  10. Will Arnett is the voice of LEGO Batman (Photo: Warner Bros)

    Movie review: Is The Lego Batman movie awesome?

    Channel NewsAsia's Genevieve Loh thinks everything is more than awesome in this follow-up to The Lego Movie.