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  1. Piaget Possession 30th Anniversary 3

    What sparks joy? Often, it's the littlest things that bring us happiness

    Deceivingly simple, these latest creations from Piaget's Possession collection feature spinning elements that will bring joy to their owner.
  2. Tea Aroma Gift Set with Teacup and Saucer Shang Xia

    Spreading Mid-Autumn cheer? Here are 5 gift ideas that are not mooncakes

    While mooncakes may be the de facto gift for the Mid-Autumn season, here are some alternative ideas from Chinese luxury lifestyle brand Shang Xia.
  3. Greeting card for Valentine's Day.

    Commentary: Handwritten valentines create a legacy of love and literacy

    Evolving research in the neurosciences and psychology underscores the value and benefit of these messages, especially if they are handwritten, for ...
  4. Most Meaningful Christmas Gifts

    Singapore’s lifestyle mavens share their most meaningful Christmas gifts

    As Cynthia Chua, Jeremy Nguee and others share, it’s not always the most expensive items that are the most cherished.
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: Our holiday extravaganza has a huge carbon footprint

    Yet there are simple steps to reduce our waste this holiday season, says George Jacobs.
  6. Corporate gifts and greeting cards are pointless.

    Commentary: All these corporate greeting cards and presents are not gifts. They're spam

    Market forces may be driving the private sector into the arms of climate action. But our animal spirits are stuck in the first industrial revolution.
  7. Woman taking a photo with her smartphone

    Commentary: Should you get your teenager a smartphone for Christmas?

    Many worry about whether putting technology under the tree. But a smartphone may actually help your teenager develop closer relations with those ...
  8. Where to personalise a gift in Singapore

    Where you can go in Singapore to personalise a gift for that special someone

    Whether it is a memento for relationship milestones or a Christmas present to celebrate the season, you can't go wrong with these personalised and ...
  9. Christmas gifting charity Freestocks Org

    Commentary: The perfect gift this holiday season? Maybe none at all

    Gift giving is stressful because nobody wants to buy what they think is a perfect gift only to discover it is a dud, says an economist.
  10. christmas gifts,presents

    Commentary: This festive season, parents should exercise self-control in giving

    To let our children appreciate what they have, we should exercise self-control in our giving, says one mother of three.