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  1. Amazon employees on strike gather outside the Amazon logistics center in Lauwin-Planque

    Commentary: Maybe it’s time to pay more for grocery and food deliveries

    An undercompensated worker may decide it’s in her interest to stop putting herself at risk – and stop delivering food and groceries, says an observer.
  2. how to know if freelance work is right for you Singapore CNA Lifestyle couch

    Commentary: The curse of late payments plaguing freelancers

    Contractors are required to do much more than the job in hand before they are paid for it, says Iona Bain.
  3. FILE PHOTO: A cyclist rides a bicyle as he delivers food for Deliveroo, an example of the emergence

    Commentary: Workers in the gig economy feel lonely, anxious and powerless

    In the gig economy, you are subject to the whims of fluctuating demand and a star system that rates every interaction, say three experts.
  4. FILE PHOTO: The Lyft Driver Hub is seen in Los Angeles

    California Senate passes bill to tighten 'gig' worker rule

    The California State Senate voted on Tuesday to pass a bill that would make it much more difficult for companies like Uber Technologies Inc and ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: An Uber car drives in traffic on 6th Avenue in New York City

    Commentary: Three stories show Uber’s IPO rests on overworked drivers and a lot of waiting

    Some drivers work as much as 80 hours a week, says Pensylvania State University Michelle Rodino-Colocino.
  6. A Grab motor driver is seen in a street in Jakarta

    Commentary: The untold trade-off as a freelancer, when work is not work but 'opportunity'

    One former Olympic cyclist's fight to prove her work is more than just a hobby exposes the harsh realities behind gig work, Financial Times' ...
  7. A Grab taxi drives on a street in Hanoi

    Commentary: Driving a Grab full-time right after graduation. Should you do it?

    Is taking a job that's irrelevant to your years of acquired qualifications worth it, even if it pays handsomely? Human resources expert Adrian Tan ...