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  1. Grab ad

    Commentary: Helping Grab drivers find jobs and have enough money an uphill battle

    The gig economy’s adverse effects on those lured into a once-lucrative industry should prompt us to think how to temper its ill effects, says one ...
  2. People wait in line to enter a job fair in New York

    Commentary: Scepticism towards contract work hold workers back from finding their perfect job

    The contracting market is set for impressive growth, but old mindsets may be the biggest impediment to realising its potential, says Hays ...
  3. Spain has one of the highest jobless rates in the Eurozone, with 4.78 million people out of work at

    Commentary: The future of work – new underclass, dystopian reality?

    Two forces combining to reshape the future of employment can have implications for our social compact and national security, says S Rajaratnam ...