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  1. River Safari glamping

    Glamping next to manatees at the River Safari

    The two days and one night programme will be available for a limited time between Dec 21 and 27.
  2. Jewel glampcation Forest Valley

    Commentary: Glamping at Jewel Changi Airport - where’s the fun in that?

    Setting up tent in the middle of a mall may sound fun but it takes away many things that are good about traditional camping, says CNA’s Crispina ...
  3. Sunset in Costa Rica

    Travel diaries: Experiencing the wild magic of Tanzania and Costa Rica as a couple

    A pair of photography enthusiasts travel the world, driven by their shared desire to capture the natural wonders as Mother Nature intended. This ...
  4. African safaris Lion King

    From the Kalahari to the Serengeti: Where to see the real Lion King in Africa

    With the re-release of Disney’s feature film whipping up renewed interest in safari vacations, here’s how you can see Simba and his pride in real ...
  5. Amanwana, Indonesia Deer at Restaurant

    Glamping on a remote Indonesian island: Where the deer and the macaques play

    A city boy journeyed to the lush Amanwana glamping grounds of Moyo Island – and discovered how nature can sometimes sound like a rubber chicken.
  6. Camels in the sahara

    A Moroccan dream: From glamping in the Sahara to chaos in the souks

    The country known as the gateway to Africa is equal parts inspiring, charming and overwhelming.