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    Cholesterol-lowering drugs tied to reduced glaucoma risk

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    Nicox teams up with Chinese firm to develop and sell glaucoma drug

  3. Air pollution

    Small-particle air pollution may raise glaucoma risk

  4. File picture of women exercising in front of a trainer as the sun sets near Kensington Oval in Brid

    Staying fit might cut glaucoma risk

  5. Ahmed Glaucoma Valve for clinical trial

    First Asia-wide glaucoma treatment trial launched

  6. Myopia check

    Study examines atropine eye drops as preventive treatment for myopia in children

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    Babies born to Zika patients to be monitored until age 3: MOH

    A total of 17 pregnant women in Singapore are confirmed to have contracted Zika as of Dec 21. Three of them have given birth and their babies have ...
  8. applicator used in glaucoma trial

    New glaucoma treatment could mean no more daily eye-drops

    The treatment, which is being trialled in a two-year international study, can be used for most glaucoma patients, except those with closed-angle ...
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    Battling blindness with technology

    It is called the “silent thief of sight”, and is a major cause of blindness in Singapore and the second in the world. Glaucoma, which is not ...