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  1. Bereavements are often a double tragedy for an increasing number of poverty-stricken families in

    Commentary: Think like a spy when working with aid agencies to end poverty

    Project managers and economists should think like spies in trying to predict the future on how to better manage poverty in developing countries, ...
  2. Screenshot of a rap video made for Osaka's G20.

    Commentary: Can the G20 in Osaka find the right beat to a hard conversation?

    Summits are too often harshly judged on what they deliver now rather than the agenda set for the future, says Lowy Institute's Mike Callaghan.
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    Commentary: New spats open all too familiar wounds between South Korea and Japan

    As South Korea and Japan picks a fight, don't expect Washington to care, says Robert E Kelly, professor at the Pusan National University.
  4. Whatsapp India

    Commentary: India's 'WhatsApp election' will fuel the misinformation blame game

    The misuse of WhatsApp has been connected with at least 30 incidents of murder and lynching, Philippa Williams and Lipika Kamra point out.
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    Commentary: Durians, blockchain and politics - inside the choppy world of Chinese investors in Malaysia

    The Chinese business community in Malaysia has weathered the storm of politically charged public sentiment since the Pakatan Harapan swept into ...
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    Commentary: Here’s how Trump can avoid getting outmanoeuvred in second summit with Kim Jong Un

    If the US is prepared to be flexible, calling off the US-South Korea military drills could be a massive carrot, says Steven Borowiec.
  7. U.S. President Donald Trump attends the 12th East Asia Summit in Manila

    Commentary: US policy in Asia heads from bad to worse

    This year could end up being a far bigger watershed in US policy towards Asia, says Sheila A Smith at the US Council on Foreign Affairs.
  8. Supporters cheer behind him as Trump holds a rally with supporters in an arena in Youngstown, Ohio

    Commentary: Is the populist tide finally retreating?

    Populism sits uneasily with the trend of growing support for globalisation and immigration, says Professor Joseph Nye at Harvard.
  9. The OECD worries about trade conflicts hurting the world economy

    Commentary: The sorry state of the world economy

    Data released by World Bank paints a sad picture of the global economy’s short-term prospects but bright sparks remain in the developing world, ...
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    Commentary: When will China achieve quality growth?

    As the external environment becomes shakier and more hostile, the prospects for China’s economic restructuring seem bleak, say Professors Andrew ...