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  1. FILE PHOTO: A cyclist rides a bicyle as he delivers food for Deliveroo, an example of the emergence

    Commentary: COVID-19 will hit gig workers particularly hard

    If the outbreak sparks a lasting downturn, low-paid contingent workers are most vulnerable, says the Financial Times’ Gillian Tett.
  2. FILE PHOTO: An aerial view of the Delhi skyline shrouded in smog, in New Delhi

    Commentary: India is facing twin economic and political crises

    The growth slowdown in India has been dramatic, while politics takes an aggressively disturbing turn, says the Financial Times' Martin Wolf.
  3. A businessman wears a face masks in the Central Business District in Beijing as the country is hit

    Commentary: When China sneezes, the world economy catches a COVID-19 cold

    The world economy was weak when COVID-19 struck, and will lead to demand shortfalls and disruptions to supply, says Stephen S Roach.
  4. The Wider Image: As Chinese cities become ghost towns, some seek out the space

    Commentary: Novel coronavirus outbreak weighs heavily on global economy

    The novel coronavirus is testing the robustness of global supply chains, says the Financial Times’ Chris Giles.
  5. Workers walk in the City of London

    Commentary: Weaker growth prospects herald bad news for businesses and financial markets

    What’s the outlook for the global economy this year? Downside risks and the lack of a cushion throw questions on optimistic projections, say ...
  6. What slowing growth means for the man in the street

    Commentary: Is low growth the new normal for Singapore?

    The Singapore economy grew by 0.7 per cent in 2019. Its continued growth will be tested as it faces bigger challenges on the horizon including an ...
  7. The Singapore trade minister said officials were hopeful of reaching agreement on the China-backed

    Commentary: The brewing discontent with trade and one step to restoring faith in globalisation

    For trade-dependent Singapore, global disenchantment with trade and globalisation is something that needs fixing. Reforms to global taxation rules ...
  8. Birds fly past the national flag flutters

    Commentary: China and fast-growing economies should spur a global economic race to the top but aren't

    There has been a fixation on market efficiencies but the West should focus instead on innovation in its bid to compete better with China, says ...
  9. The long-running trade war between Washington and Beijing has weighed on the global economy and

    Commentary: Time is ticking on the global economy

    The politics needed to improve the medium-term outlook is missing, says Mohamed A. El-Erian.