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  1. As a low-lying island, Singapore is especially vulnerable to the "grave threat" of rising

    Commentary: How effectively can Singapore adapt to sea level rise?

    Even as Singapore strives to adapt to rising sea levels, let’s not win that battle yet end up losing the larger war against climate change, says ...
  2. The Okjokull glacier in Iceland has melted away due to climate change

    Commentary: A new hot world and the death of Iceland's 700-year-old glacier

    The ecological grief over a dead glacier is a sign of the coming climate calamity, says University of East Anglia’s Rupert Read.
  3. File photo Changi Beach park

    Commentary: As ice caps melt, Singapore a hot spot for sea-level rise

    Global warming doesn't only just lead to higher sea levels, it also changes which places see a disproportionate rise in sea levels, says Earth ...
  4. Pacific Island Forum

    Australia dilutes Pacific leaders' climate warning

  5. Israeli Eviation Alice electric aircraft  is seen on static display, at the eve of the opening of t

    Commentary: Air travel’s huge carbon footprint and its climate-friendlier alternatives

    More than a century since humans learned to fly, we need to revolutionise how we stay up there, say two experts in urban planning.
  6. A commuter carries a disposable coffee cup in London, Britain

    Commentary: The single-use coffee cup is generating a mountain of waste

    Most paper recycling mills can’t efficiently process paper coffee cups, and the majority are incinerated or sent to landfill, says University of ...
  7. Vegan burger

    Plant-based diet can help fight climate change: UN report

    The way the world manages land, produces and eats food has to change to curb global warming or food security, health and biodiversity will be at ...
  8. Hot weather, sun in Singapore - file photo

    Commentary: Our world is getting hotter, faster

    With a clearer picture of temperature variations over the past 2,000 years, we now have a better understanding of the extraordinary nature of ...
  9. Person with umbrella in hot weather, sun in Singapore - file photo

    Commentary: Singapore’s climate change fight must be clear about these facts

    More needs to be done to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050 for effective adaptation, say Bertrand Seah, Tim Min Jie, Sarah Ichioka and ...
  10. FILE PHOTO: A family walks beside beach cabins on a pebbled beach, during sunset as a heatwave hits

    Global warming dwarfs climate variations of past 2,000 years: Study

    Earth's rapid warming in the late 20th century was far more widespread than any temperature variations during the previous 2,000 years, according ...