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  1. Line workers spot weld parts of the frame on the flex line at Nissan Motor Co's automobile man

    Commentary: Manufacturing is still a key engine of growth for many countries

    Developing countries have considered a leapfrog strategy of moving directly into services to boost growth but they shouldn’t give up on ...
  2. China's envoy to Australia accused Canberra of betrayal over calls for an international probe

    Commentary: China’s tantrums at Australia can be self-defeating

    Stopping trade means China loses too, and Beijing must know the world is watching, says James Laurenceson.
  3. FILE PHOTO: The outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Nantes

    Commentary: World’s struggle with coronavirus will affect growth and employment for a long time

    The insecurity fueled by COVID-19 will weigh on the global economy long after the worst is in the past, says an economist.
  4. RCEP

    Commentary: China has an opportunity to resurrect global economic cooperation

    How China manages its new economic role, in the context of a growing East Asian trade architecture, will be key to reversing the losses of the ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: A view of the city skyline from the Shanghai Financial Center building

    Commentary: China is not that dependent on trade for growth

    China has shifted towards domestic consumption, investment and development for growth in the last decade, says Zhang Jun.
  6. World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva

    Commentary: To save international trade and itself, the WTO needs a reboot

    In a world economy already imperilled by COVID-19, members’ political will, determination, and flexibility is needed to revive it, says Ngozi ...
  7. Traders are waiting for the Tuesday release of China's official manufacturing PMI data

    Commentary: We can’t just quit trading with China

    Amid brewing Sino-US tensions, economic distancing from China would carry heavy costs, says ANU’s Shiro Armstrong.
  8. The United States currently runs a trade deficit with China, whose port at Lianyungang in the

    Commentary: Hard truths about trade exposed by COVID-19

    The advantages of global free trade can be preserved while its deficiencies are corrected, say Peter Gourevitch and Deborah Seligsohn.
  9. Flags of U.S. and China are displayed at AICC's booth during China International Fair for Trad

    Commentary: No country will survive deglobalisation

    Building resilience in the current open system does not mean tearing down the entire system and starting over again, says Professor Kenneth Rogoff.
  10. New Content Item

    Commentary: Globalisation is facing a third strike-and-out scenario

    The world faces a gradual but prolonged delinking of trade and investment, which would add to the secular headwinds already facing the global ...