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  1. Golden Mile Complex 2

    Commentary: How do we decide which buildings are worth conserving?

    Architectural heritage goes beyond what looks aesthetically pleasing – we keep things because they remind us of how we developed as a society, ...
  2. Golden Mile CNA Insider 2 main

    Commentary: Conserving Golden Mile Complex is a paradigm shift for Singapore architecture

    Instead of tearing down an ageing building, giving developers incentives to develop an old icon is progress, says Associate Professor Yeo Kang Shua.
  3. The Pulse
    Media playtime

    The Pulse - Saving iconic landmarks as Golden Mile Complex goes en bloc

    As Golden Mile Complex is set to go en bloc, historians and architects might bemoan its loss, but do regular people care?
  4. Golden Mile Complex Eats Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant (Photo: Burpple)

    6 Golden Mile Complex eats to try before they disappear

    From boat noodles that start at S$1.90 to seafood mookata dripping with melted cheese, and the famous banana fritters and sweet potato balls, ...