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  1. Cambodia officials torch pile of drugs

    Southeast Asian nations torch US$1b of seized drugs

    Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia torched nearly US$1 billion worth of seized narcotics on Monday (Jun 26), a defiant show of force as police ...
  2. Mekong River sunrise

    Thai conservationists oppose plan to dredge Mekong River

    The Chinese plan backed by Thailand's government will have an adverse impact on the environment, food security and the livelihood of the people, ...
  3. File photo of Thailand narcotics police

    Thai drug cops make 'cocaine lotion' bust at airport

    Acting after a tip-off from Interpol, Thai drug police held the Ecuadorian woman after she arrived on a flight from Peru at Bangkok's main airport ...
  4. panu Mae Salong 1

    From battlefield to tourist attraction: Yunnan Chinese in northern Thailand celebrate unique history

    Panu Wongcha-um explores the unique history of the Yunnan Chinese community which settled in the hills of Chiang Rai after the Chinese Civil War.
  5. Myanmar seized drugs burn meth

    Record year for Myanmar stimulant seizures

    Myanmar police made record seizures of synthetic drug tablets last year, data obtained by AFP showed Wednesday (Feb 1), underscoring the country's ...