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  1. Xi and Putin

    Commentary: Who is a better ally for the US - Russia or China?

    The history of persistent tensions between Russia and China suggests two choices: Accommodate and reconcile with Russia to balance against the ...
  2. Women in boardroom

    Diversity Action Committee targets 30% of board seats for women by 2030

    According to a study by the DAC, Singapore falls far behind many international and regional markets as at the end of last year, ranking third from ...
  3. A view of the Monetary Authority of Singapore

    MAS proposes measures to simplify regulatory regime for VC managers

    Differences between venture capital managers and fund managers make some rules less relevant to the former, the central bank says at a briefing.
  4. Minister K Shanmugam speaking at the 3rd SRP Symposium

    Singapore must guarantee equality to minorities: Shanmugam

    Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam says the country must ensure the safety, security and freedom of religion to all, including the Muslim ...
  5. New Content Item

    Ability to change, adapt especially relevant as world reaches inflection point: Ng Eng Hen

    Speaking to an audience of about 250 at the opening ceremony of the Yale-NUS College Asia Pacific Model United Nations on Friday evening (Jan 13), ...