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  1. US consumers

    US consumer confidence rebounds in February

  2. US Congress

    US Senate passes bill to avert government shutdown, House votes next

  3. US Congress

    Vote on ending US shutdown likely on Thursday

  4. New Content Item

    European stocks rise on optimism for trade talks, shutdown deal

  5. US trade

    US trade deficit recedes in November on falling imports

  6. US new homes

    US new home sales surge in November

  7. The U.S. Capitol is pictured on day 32 of a partial government shutdown as becomes the longest in U

    Commentary: Here's why the US govt shutdown took so long to end

    The fight over funding for the border wall became a moral sticky point.
  8. US consumers

    US consumer confidence hits 18-month low in January

  9. US aviation

    Air transport workers warn shutdown could cause US aviation collapse

  10. NYSE Jan23

    US stocks end higher after mostly good earnings