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  1. Woman nap

    Sleep may impact college grades more than drinking or drugs

  2. File photo ITE students

    ITE to introduce new apprenticeship-based technical diploma

    The technical diploma will be conferred by ITE and students will be able to apply for the diploma after they graduate, or after a few years of ...
  3. File photo of Supreme Court exterior 1

    Workers' Party, Law Ministry cross swords over rules on litigation against Govt

    While Workers' Party MPs said a change to the Government Proceedings Act would make it unnecessarily prohibitive for individuals to enter ...
  4. South Korean students prepare to take a standardised exam for college entrance on November 7, 2013

    SMU law student jailed 2 months for accessing professors' accounts

    Georgy Kotsaga plugged a USB hardware keylogger into the common desktop in the classrooms of two professors to capture their login details, in an ...