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  1. Two young women talking.

    Commentary: Graduates are receiving career advice they did not ask for

    Sometimes, the well-meaning person dishing out advice just wants to talk and feel better about their life choices, says the Financial Times' Emma ...
  2. graduation economy

    Commentary: Amid economic uncertainty, Singapore’s millennials face a disrupted narrative

    The Class of 2019 will graduate at a time of economic uncertainty, with ripple effects for students in higher education, says Ng Chia Wee.
  3. Silhouette of a university grad

    Commentary: Students aren't learning enough - a brewing crisis in higher education

    Society expects education to help students hone their skills to contribute to the economy, but higher education isn't meeting this need, two ...
  4. university graduation

    Commentary: Let's not focus on graduate incomes when assessing a university education's worth

    It's tempting to think that some degrees and universities are better than others when their graduates earn more, says one observer.
  5. File photo of university graduates

    Commentary: Help our 'graduate poor' break out of the underemployment trap

    A recent survey revealed worrying statistics of seriously underemployed Singaporean graduates. NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Zainal Sapari ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: A man holds his smartphone which displays the Google home page, in this picture illustr

    Commentary: Why take up a postgrad education when I can Google almost anything?

    Does a postgraduate certification still offer a career advantage for working professionals in a digital world? NIE Associate Professor Chang Chew ...
  7. PSB Academy students

    Commentary: Private higher education should be an enabler for all, yet unhealthy biases persist

    Quality private education should be seen as an enabler for more Singaporeans to seize new opportunities and contribute to the country’s ...
  8. PSB Academy

    Commentary: Why private higher education doesn’t deserve its bad reputation

    Dean of the PSB Academy weighs in on the debate on private higher education and discusses what makes for a meaningful university education.