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  1. Bethlehem’s other children, and the home that cares for them

    Bethlehem's other children, and the home that cares for them

    Walk out of Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, across Manger Square and along Star Street and you come to a part of town where few pilgrims venture.
  2. Woman answering and talking on a smartphone

    Commentary: We have totally undervalued late bloomers

    On the back of the release of PSLE results this week, it's time to question this concept of learning as a race against time, says mum June Yong.
  3. Mortar board hats are thrown in the air at University of Brighton's graduation ceremony

    Commentary: Is a first-class degree really that important?

    Many UK graduate recruiters are weighing up other skills alongside academic achievement, says the Financial Times' Amy Borrett.
  4. colleagues, workers, employees, interns, on laptops working in an office, group project work

    Commentary: Having trouble finding that first job? Try an internship after graduation

    Graduates have got to up their game or dial back their expectations in this tough job market. Post-graduation internships can help with the job ...
  5. Silhouette of a university grad

    Commentary: Education reforms illusive as tax cuts lead to higher degree costs, widening skills gap

    A large class of under-skilled, under-employed American workers will continue to plague businesses unless tax cuts starving education funding are ...
  6. NUS graduation 2

    Commentary: A second education arms race may be on the horizon

    Job seekers are increasingly expected to possess not just a degree but internships, leadership roles, community projects, overseas experience and ...
  7. A job seeker talks with a corporate recruiter as he peruses the man's resume at a Hire Our Her

    Commentary: Networking is a necessary skill, not a dirty word

    Many young adults and graduating students shy away from networking because it “feels fake”. But the rewards of networking far outweigh the ...
  8. Ministerial Forum NTU audience

    Commentary: Don't wait until graduation to find a job, begin university with end in mind

    Finding a job as a fresh graduate is tough. Don’t make it worse by waiting until the last minute to figure out what you want to do, argues NTU ...