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    How to make meaning out of grief: It sometimes is about getting on with life

    There are five stages of grief: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. But there is a sixth stage, says a grief expert, and that is ...
  2. Want to stalk your partner after a break up? Don’t

    Commentary: Want to stalk your partner after a break up? Don’t

    It’s normal to miss your ex after a break up, but constantly checking up on them will only make you feel worse. Dating coach Marcus Neo shares ...
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    Commentary: A painful struggle against grief for the terminally ill during the festive season

    The dying want to be involved in activities but may not have the physical or emotional capacity to deal with stress and stimulation, says one ...
  4. sad boy leaning on a chair

    Commentary: Never too young to feel grief, when child loses a sibling

    Children not only lose their sibling, but also the parents they knew who disappear at least for a time into profound grief, says one observer.
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    Commentary: Finding the words to the silent grief of a pregnancy loss

    Rather than just offering sympathy or support, asking after the baby can help families deal with grief, say three observers.
  6. cancer patient file photo

    Commentary: How I lost a friend to cancer but learnt to say goodbye

    A clinical psychologist tells her story of coming to terms with terminal illness, death and friendship, at the end of a friend's life.
  7. Fans cry over SHINee Jonghyun

    Commentary: Keeping the deceased alive online has changed how we grieve

    Social networking sites keep those who have since passed on 'alive', and allow people to mourn from the comfort of their own home, says one observer.