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  1. Elvin Ng's makeup artist answers common grooming questions for men HERO

    5 grooming hacks for guys: Elvin Ng’s makeup artist on receding hairlines and more

    From shiny face to angry pimple, Lolent Lee offers easy-to-follow beauty tips for blokes in need.
  2. Mens receding hairline HERO

    How guys can deal with receding hairlines: The best hairstyles to stay handsome

    Shaving it all off is, of course, an option. But you could also consider the “sidecomb”, a buzz cut or even… a perm?
  3. Runway looks from the Men's shows at SS2020

    No more barber, gentlemen? How to style your overgrown hair during circuit breaker

    Unless you want to shave it all off completely, styling your mane might be your only option. Here are some DIY styles that might even tempt you to ...
  4. Joseph Schooling wins gold 50m butterfly Asian Games 2018

    Olympic champion Joseph Schooling is now a beauty maven with his own skincare line

    “My teammates used to laugh at me for putting on moisturiser after practice," the 24-year-old swimmer told CNA Lifestyle. Now who's laughing?
  5. Interiors of Auriga Spa

    The best facial treatments for men – because 'handsome' doesn't just happen

    It's not just the ladies who benefit from a professional spa clean-and-treat – and these treatments for men even include scalp and neck massages.
  6. Aaron Kwok with Jeanette Aw

    Aaron Kwok in Singapore: How does the man still look this good at 53?

    The Hong Kong superstar, who was recently in town for the unveiling of Lancome’s new anti-ageing product, revealed he doesn't actually watch what ...
  7. Men's skin conditions and the best products to treat them

    Saving face: Men, these products will solve your most pressing skin problems

    A man’s skin is just as susceptible to the ravages of time and the environment as a woman’s skin is, although the problems he’ll face may differ ...
  8. Where to get manicures and pedicures for men in Singapore

    Gentlemen, here’s why you should invest in manicures and pedicures

    The mark of a truly well-spruced gent lies in the finer details, and one of the most important out of them is a set of perfectly groomed nails.
  9. Men's scents that will get you laid MAIN

    Men: Very handy advice on picking a scent that women will love on you

    Your outfit might be dapper and your hair is looking sharp – but if you're not smelling good, you're not going to have any luck with the ladies.
  10. Best shave ever MAIN

    Practical tips for the perfect shave – put your best face forward every day

    Perfect your razor technique for the smoothest, closest shave you've had with handy advice from the best grooming shops in town.