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  1. Men's scents that will get you laid MAIN

    Men: Very handy advice on picking a scent that women will love on you

    Your outfit might be dapper and your hair is looking sharp – but if you're not smelling good, you're not going to have any luck with the ladies.
  2. Best shave ever MAIN

    Practical tips for the perfect shave – put your best face forward every day

    Perfect your razor technique for the smoothest, closest shave you've had with handy advice from the best grooming shops in town.
  3. Men's moisturizer roundup main

    Just for men: Power-packed grooming products engineered for male skin

    Moisturising isn't just for girls. These are the products developed specifically to tackle common skin issues men face, like oiliness and dehydration.
  4. (pp) cybersex story2

    'We didn't have much to eat': Poverty pushes some kids towards paid sex abuse in the Philippines

    In the second part of an investigation into the online streaming of child sex abuse, a victim recounts what happened to her and experts explain ...
  5. Male grooming roundup of best sunscreen main

    You're not too 'manly' for sunscreen – and these don't leave that sticky feeling you hate

    Suncreen decreases your risk of skin cancer and skin damage as you age. And these new products are as no-fuss as they come.
  6. Men's multi tasking pdt main pic

    No time to look your best? These are multi-tasking grooming products for the lazy man

    Why buy multiple products when you can just stick with one? CNA Lifestyle curates the shortcut for guys to look good without the fuss.
  7. Desmond Tan skincare grooming tips men CNA Lifestyle 2

    Desmond Tan's tips for looking your best: 'Skincare is like insurance'

    There's nothing unmanly about taking care of your face, says the television leading man – he's as obsessive about sunblock and sheet masks as he ...
  8. A Man's Guide To Layering Scent

    A man's guide to smelling good – it starts with not attacking our senses

    Here's how to artfully create a signature scent that turns heads for the right reason. And it doesn't involve dousing yourself in cologne.
  9. New Content Item

    The weird and wonderful world of male grooming (and shiny legs)

    Japanese guys do what to their faces? And German guys shave their what? CNA Lifestyle's May Seah has a hair-raising time discovering how different ...