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  1. United States one dollar bills are curled and inspected during production at the Bureau of Engravin

    'Death Cross,' growth abroad threaten US dollar

    Storm clouds are gathering over the U.S. dollar, threatening a two-year rally in the currency that has squeezed corporate profits and angered ...
  2. China economy

    Commentary: As China's growth slows, what prospects lie ahead for the world economy

    Since many countries fell short of their growth potential in the 2010s, in the decade ahead, the world will need a productivity miracle to offset ...
  3. dhaka city view

    Commentary: Why 2019 was not as bad as you think

    In countries where many poor people live, output grew fast, says the Financial Times’ Robin Harding.
  4. Employees work on a production line manufacturing camera lenses for cellphones at a factory in Lian

    Commentary: Time to bring back government intervention in the economy

    Industrial policy is back on the agenda after decades on the fringes of economic policymaking - after Made in China 2025 and similar strategies ...
  5. Singapore is one of the world's most Internet-savvy societies, offering broadband speeds envied

    Commentary: Shocks lined a rather demanding year for Singapore and the global economy

    The US-China trade dispute, weaker global and Chinese economic growth, and the electronics sector downturn have jointly impacted Singapore, says ...
  6. Singapore Skyline CBD ArtScience Museum

    Commentary: Grow first, develop later? The pitfalls of measuring economic growth using GDP

    GDP is an imperfect metric. But it continues to be used as a benchmark for national performance and policymaking in an era of social, economic, ...
  7. China's economy expanded at its slowest pace for nine years in the third quarter, fuelling

    Commentary: Has China given up on pursuing growth?

    The Chinese government’s top priority should be to arrest the decline in GDP growth, says former President of the China Society of World Economics ...
  8. India is ranked as the world's sixth-biggest economy just behind Britain and ahead of France

    Commentary: Nothing could slow the great India growth train. Until now

    Indian economic growth is expected to slow to 5 per cent this year, with bad news in most sectors, says the National Indian Congress' Shashi Tharoor.
  9. FILE PHOTO: Man and a child ride a motorcycle on a plaza with a statue featuring the Chinese Commun

    Commentary: A rising China is leaving behind rural villages

    But thankfully, a new wave of architects have been looking at preserving rural heritage, says University of Sheffield's Xiang Ren.
  10. A two-day summit of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will start Saturday in Bangkok,

    Commentary: In the eye of a trade war storm but China still takes the long view

    Chinese officials are not about to bet on the 2020 US presidential election in formulating their strategic response to the trade conflict, says ...