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  1. Taxis in Guam

    In Guam, taxi drivers aren't worried about ride-sharing apps

    Ride-sharing services like Uber may have upended the taxi industry worldwide but its disruptive forces seem to have avoided the US Pacific ...
  2. "I love Guam" mural in the Tumon district

    Travelling in Guam as it copes with North Korea’s threats

    Life goes on in the tiny US territory located in the western Pacific Ocean and while threats of a North Korean missile attack have hogged the ...
  3. Photos of Singaporean Marc Toh in Guam (4)

    ‘Now I don’t have to explain where I live anymore’: A Singaporean in Guam

    The missile threat from North Korea has been a “non-event” for the Guam people, says Singaporean Marc Toh, who is based in the tropical island.