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  1. New Orleans sandbags

    Deadly Hurricane Nate approaches US Gulf Coast

  2. Hurricane Irma tree knocked over

    Irma aims full fury at Florida's Gulf Coast, floods central Miami

  3. Irma Cuba

    Hurricane Irma pummels Cuba as Florida hunkers for a hit

    Irma's blast through the Cuban coastline weakened the storm to a Category Three, but it is still packing 205 kph and was expected to regain power ...
  4. NYSE Sep 6

    Gains by oil-linked shares boost Wall Street

  5. US storm

    Houston races to rescue flood victims before storm's return

    Houston mayor Sylvester Turner said more than 2,000 people had been brought, soaking and desperate to rapidly-filling shelters in America's fourth ...
  6. Iceberg Antartica

    US scientists raise bar for sea level by 2100

    The report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) set the "extreme" scenario of global average sea level rise by 2100 to ...
  7. Trump pipelines

    Trump revives controversial oil pipeline projects

    Trump gave a conditional go-ahead to the Keystone XL pipeline - which would carry oil from Canadian tar sands to US refineries on the Gulf Coast - ...