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  1. doctor illustration stethoscope generic hospital nurse research

    For some trauma doctors, clash with NRA proves therapeutic

  2. US gun fair

    Florida teachers can arm themselves under new gun bill

  3. Journalists and military attaches attend a news briefing dedicated to cruise missile systems includ

    Commentary: Russia floods Southeast Asia with arms

    Russia's growing arms deals with Asian countries strengthens its ‘soft’ power, but has created unintended consequences, New Zealand-based lawyer ...
  4. Carrie Lightfoot, the founder of The Well Armed Woman, demonstrates a gun draw from a purse's

    Guns and corsets: US firearms industry strikes gold marketing to women

    Entrepreneur and fashion designer Anna Taylor is trying to bring back the corset - not to revive Victorian lingerie but to give women a place to ...
  5. Thai guns 1

    Gun violence in Thailand: A problem that can't be solved?

  6. George Christensen

    Australia politician slammed for Facebook gun photo