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  1. Active Shooter Maryland

    Navy medic gunned down after shooting 2 US sailors

    A Navy medic shot and wounded two US sailors at a military facility on Tuesday (Apr 6), then fled to a nearby Army base where security forces shot ...
  2. Andreyah Garland, a 44-year-old single mother of three daughters during a gun training session in N

    US gun sales soar amid pandemic, social unrest, election fears

    Andreyah Garland, a 44-year-old single mother of three daughters, bought a shotgun in May for protection in the quaint middle-class town of ...
  3. Thailand shooting (5)

    Commentary: The troubling trends underlying Thailand’s mass shooting

    The tragedy has shone a spotlight on the Thai military’s side businesses and the ease of access to guns, says Michael Picard.
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: Russia floods Southeast Asia with arms

    Russia's growing arms deals with Asian countries strengthens its ‘soft’ power, but has created unintended consequences, New Zealand-based lawyer ...