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  1. Equinox Hotel Manhattan, New York

    Could a sweaty gym actually spawn a luxury hotel? Apparently, yes

    Manhattan’s new Equinox Hotel, birthed from the upmarket Equinox fitness chain, is an advocate of healthy living, with clean food and workouts galore.
  2. TFX Funan Mall

    Local fitness chain True Fitness is going upscale at the new Funan Mall

    The new TFX gym at Funan Mall is a swanky, state-of-the-art fitness complex, a far cry from the utilitarianism that characterises the True Group’s ...
  3. Dumbbells at a gym

    Commentary: Getting the most out of your gym membership

    Take a simple approach when choosing what to do at the gym, says one observer.
  4. VR bike Pure Fitness gym pic 1

    Motivating people to workout: Do exercise innovations work?

    From VR goggles to mannequin sandbags, gyms are increasingly using new methods to keep things interesting for the average gym-goer.
  5. Amped trampoline gym

    Seven Singapore fitness options for those who hate conventional exercise

    With so many fitness activities to choose from in Singapore, boredom is no longer an excuse to not keep your body moving.
  6. MMA training Team Quest Thailand

    Top MMA vacation training destinations in Asia

    Home to many quality mixed martial arts gyms, Asia is a destination to consider for vacationers seeking a condensed "training camp" experience.
  7. AMK Hub

    Samsung store at AMK Hub catches fire, surrounding stores temporarily closed

    The Singapore Civil Defence Force says it is investigating the cause of the fire that broke out at a shop at basement one.
  8. 24hr gym pic 1

    24-hour gyms: Perfect fit for gym rats and night owls?

    Membership in such gyms number in the thousands, but is working out late at night good for your body?
  9. CrossFit pic 2

    Fitness movement CrossFit powers ahead in Singapore

    From a few gyms when it first landed here, the fitness training program is now offered in over 15 facilities in Singapore to cater to growing ...