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  1. woman holding phone

    Commentary: Time to fix your bad cyber habits

    After last year's cybersecurity lapses, we should resolve to be more careful this year, says one observer.
  2. FILE PHOTO: A man takes part in a hacking contest during the Def Con hacker convention in Las Vegas

    Commentary: A safer online playground powered by hackers

    What businesses and government bodies need is a paradigm shift to expose cybersecurity systems to the outside and enlist hackers to exploit ...
  3. A computer keyboard lit by a displayed cyber code is seen in this illustration picture

    Hackers target real estate deals in the US, with devastating impact

  4. founders

    Singapore start-up catches computer bugs for a living, and wants more to do the same is hoping to change how people think about cybersecurity services, and how pay-as-you-use methods like bug bounties could play a ...
  5. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's Facebook page has 10 million likes, but he has come under

    Cambodia PM's Facebook account hacked to 'give away parliament seats'

  6. cybersecurity

    Commentary: The four deadly cybersecurity sins most of us are guilty of

    Safeguarding your files and personal information on your smartphone or laptop from hackers is not rocket science, yet many negate to take basic ...
  7. Mexico peso

    Hackers steal US$15.3 million from Mexico financial system

  8. working office laptop smartphone woman typing

    Commentary: Personal Internet use at work makes life easier for hackers

    Surfing the Internet at work could expose your company to more cybersecurity risks, says one expert from De Montfort University.
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    Commentary: Our convenience is coming at a (security) cost

    In the fine balance between giving up our personal and financial details for services that make our lives easier, and safeguarding our digital ...
  10. cybersecurity

    Singapore on target list for cyberattacks, new SAF command set up to handle threats: Ng Eng Hen