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  1. how to take care of white sneakers rain stains CNA Lifestyle

    Caught in the rain? Here's how to keep your white sneakers in pristine condition

    Clean them, and get rid of scuffs and markings on different materials, from canvas to leather and suede.
  2. office computer work life

    Commentary: Your back-up plan is sabotaging your goals at work

    Having a back-up plan is a prudent move isn't it? But it has other huge drawbacks including lowering your motivation and weakening your ...
  3. Webcam on computer

    My baby monitor started a cyberattack? IoT industry suffering from security growth pains

    There are currently no established Internet of Things security standards, and Singapore recognises that steps need to be taken to ensure minimum ...
  4. Car hacking tools

    Security standards for smart cars should be ‘way higher’: McAfee researcher

    Principal security consultant for McAfee Foundstone Services JP Dunning says as a hack on cars has more direct impact, compared to those resulting ...