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  1. Balding Head

    Did you know that losing your hair can be another consequence of the pandemic?

    Doctors say that many patients recovering from COVID-19 are experiencing hair loss – not from the virus itself but from the physiological stress ...
  2. How to deal with split ends STRAIGHT HAIR

    Commentary: Stress-related hair loss on the rise this COVID-19 outbreak

    The pandemic of stress may potentially be leading us to lose hair – and curing the root of this will involve more than scalp treatments or a ...
  3. NYT - Illustration for hair loss

    Are you losing fistfuls of hair? What is normal and what isn't?

    Sudden hair loss may seem alarming, but it may be caused by a temporary stress and grow back.
  4. Jude Law how to prevent male balding CNA Lifestyle 2

    One in two men will experience some form of balding – here's how to fight it

    From giving up smoking to topical remedies, there are steps you can take to restore your crowning gory (or at least slow down its decline).