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  1. Give your appearance a subtle boost with non-invasive tweakments

    When less is more: Give your appearance a subtle boost with non-invasive tweakments

    Get a fresh, natural look with customisable tweakment procedures. Brought to you by SW1 Clinic.
  2. Balding Head

    Did you know that losing your hair can be another consequence of the pandemic?

    Doctors say that many patients recovering from COVID-19 are experiencing hair loss – not from the virus itself but from the physiological stress ...
  3. How to deal with split ends STRAIGHT HAIR

    Commentary: Stress-related hair loss on the rise this COVID-19 outbreak

    The pandemic of stress may potentially be leading us to lose hair – and curing the root of this will involve more than scalp treatments or a ...
  4. Jude Law how to prevent male balding CNA Lifestyle 2

    One in two men will experience some form of balding – here's how to fight it

    From giving up smoking to topical remedies, there are steps you can take to restore your crowning gory (or at least slow down its decline).
  5. New Content Item

    What causes balding?

    Here are the facts and myths about hair loss, and the solutions to prevent the thinning problem.
  6. New Content Item

    ‘It’s not just hair loss’: One woman's triumph over alopecia areata

    Chan See Ting enjoys dressing up and looking good. But when she lost all her hair, she learnt valuable lessons of faith, courage and identity.