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  1. Meal delivery services Singapore

    These modern ‘tingkat’ services will deliver meals right to your doorstep

    Food subscription services take the guesswork out of meal planning, and these days, you can get curated restaurant-style bento boxes, halal ...
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    Ep 1: Halal Indonesia

    With the largest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia has ambitions to become the global halal hub. Entrepreneur and investor Anna Haotanto ...
  3. Halal certification now mandatory in Indonesia | Video
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    Halal certification now mandatory in Indonesia | Video

    Halal certification is now mandatory in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation. It will initially apply to food and beverage products, ...
  4. Saudi Arabia's Al-Nefud desert

    Sun, sea and Saudi: How countries around the world are courting Muslim tourists

    As Muslims are expected to spend an estimated S$244 billion on travel this year – a figure set to increase to S$380 billion by 2023 – countries ...
  5. Best halal hotels for Ramadan 2019

    Modest luxury: Seven of the best halal hotels for a post-Ramadan holiday

    We’ve taken the effort out of finding the world’s best Muslim-friendly places to stay.
  6. Hero Ramadan Buffet

    From simple to sumptuous: Iftar options to enjoy with loved ones this Ramadan

    These restaurants are poised to serve up iftar meals with a side of convivial vibes, ranging from the simple and authentic to generous buffet spreads.