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  1. CNA+: Vietnam Train Street Tung Ngo
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    Ep 153: CNA+: Vietnam Train Street Tung Ngo

    Vietnam Correspondent Tung Ngo introduces Train Street - the latest tourist attraction in Hanoi. A bite-size version of what you have missed on ...
  2. Free seas: The EU has called for freedom of navigation in the disputed South China Sea which Beijing

    EU criticises 'militarisation' of South China Sea

    The "militarisation" of the South China Sea is threatening peace in the contested waterway, the EU's top diplomat said Monday in Hanoi, echoing ...
  3. Officials found 125 kilos of rhino horn encased in plaster

    Vietnam seizes 125kg of rhino horn hidden in plaster

    Fifty-five pieces of rhino horn were found encased in plaster at an airport in the Vietnamese capital, authorities said Sunday, as the country ...
  4. Vietnamese policemen sit on stools near the hotel where the second US-North Korea summit took place

    Commentary: Vietnam emerges a key winner from the US-China trade war

    Vietnam’s economy is booming as the country plays off old enemies as new friends in technology and manufacturing, says Michael Sainsbury.
  5. Pork displayed at a market in Hanoi

    Vietnam swine fever cull surges, 1.7 million pigs dead

  6. U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo meets with senior North Korean envoy Kim Yong Chol in Washington

    North Korea sidelines leader Kim's right-hand man for Hanoi breakdown: South Korea lawmaker

    North Korea has removed Kim Yong Chol, leader Kim Jong Un's right-hand man and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's counterpart, from a top post, ...
  7. Hanoi workshop blaze 1

    At least seven dead in Hanoi workshop blaze

  8. U.S. President Donald Trump attends the extended bilateral meeting in the Metropole hotel with Nort

    Commentary: Trump is 0-2 with his on-the-fly diplomacy with North Korea. Best to stop now

    The US president's reliance on his supposed chemistry with Kim Jong Un, and last minute summit preparations have failed, says Robert E Kelly.
  9. North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un attends the extended bilateral meeting in the Metropole hotel

    North Korea rebuilds part of missile site as US warns of more sanctions

    Yonhap quoted lawmakers as saying that the work was taking place at the Tongchang-ri launch site and involved replacing a roof and a door at the ...