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  1. Riot police officers block the street during an anti-government protest in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong court grants interim injunction prohibiting public from disclosing police details

    Hong Kong's High Court on Friday (Oct 25) banned people from disclosing personal information about the police and their families, widely targeted ...
  2. Teenagers need help to deal with online harassment and bullying

    Commentary: Teenagers need help to deal with cyber flashing and online harassment

    Confiscating your teenage child's phone will not help them feel safe, says Western Sydney University's Joanne Orlando.
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    SMU, NTU take steps to better protect students from sexual harassment on campus

  4. More protection for victims abused by intimate partners: Shanmugam | Video
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    More protection for victims abused by intimate partners: Shanmugam | Video

    Victims of abuse by their close partners and who face possible violence might soon be able to get an expedited protection order within 24 hours, ...
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    Commentary: Ragging is everywhere but organisations can set boundaries

    Young targets of unauthorised and unhealthy initiation practices have recourse to the law but there is much that organisations can do to shape ...
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    Elderly man charged for slapping, making sexual advances towards MRT passenger

    Gan Thean Soo faces three charges of assault, harassment and causing public nuisance for his actions towards the victim, US national Joseph Flynn ...