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  1. FILE PHOTO: Lieber leaves federal court after being charged in Boston

    Harvard professor accused of lying about China ties faces US tax charge

    U.S. prosecutors brought tax charges on Tuesday against a Harvard University professor accused of lying to authorities about his ties to a ...
  2. Ezra Vogel, Emeritus Professor, Harvard University
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    Ep 15: Ezra Vogel, Emeritus Professor, Harvard University

    Can new realities trump old rivalries? Ezra Vogel, one of the most respected scholars on China and Japan, discusses if Asia's two most powerful ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Flames and steam rise from the Suncoke Jewell cokemaking plant, which burns coal to mak

    EPA ignores health benefits of coal rule it plans to weaken: economists

    A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposal to weaken a rule on coal plant pollution fails to consider billions of dollars in health benefits ...