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  1. Film producer Harvey Weinstein's lawyer Ronald Sullivan Jr. waits to speak to the media follow

    Harvard professor loses house dean role after joining Weinstein defense

    A Harvard law professor who joined the legal team defending Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein against sexual assault charges will not be allowed to ...
  2. New Content Item

    US argues Harvard admissions policies harm Asian-Americans

  3. One of the 25 gates to Harvard Yard is open at Harvard University in Cambridge

    US argues Harvard admissions policies disadvantage Asian-Americans

  4. Aceh haze schoolchildren

    Dozens hospitalised in Indonesia as thick haze spreads

  5. Zuckerberg Harvard May 26

    13 years after quitting, Zuckerberg gets Harvard degree

  6. Janet Reno

    Janet Reno, first US woman attorney general, dies aged 78

    ABC News, citing Reno's goddaughter, said she died from complications of Parkinson's disease early on Monday.
  7. Kevin Curran

    The Simpsons writer Kevin Curran dies at 59

    Kevin Curran, a veteran comedy writer who spent 15 years on "The Simpsons," died Tuesday at his home in Los Angeles after a long illness. He was 59.
  8. Malaysia Health Minister

    Malaysia questions Harvard study on haze

    Malaysia's health minister Dr S Subramaniam has questioned the Harvard study that claimed there were 6,500 premature deaths in Malaysia during the ...
  9. Indonesian helicopter fights fire in Riau province

    Southeast Asian haze crisis killed more than 100,000: Study

    Researchers from Harvard and Columbia universities in the US estimated there were more than 90,000 early deaths in Indonesia in areas closest to ...