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  1. Harbourfront hawkers

    The Big Read: Floundering in digital wave, older hawkers could call it quits - taking a piece of Singapore with them

    Older hawkers who are neither IT-literate nor social media-savvy have been at a greater disadvantage this time round, as others in the F&B ...
  2. Sasqia Dahuri actress Kelantan

    Taste of home: Malaysian actress offers Kelantan food at Toa Payoh hawker stall

    Sasqia Dahuri’s dishes have garnered praise from her customers, particularly Malaysians based in Singapore craving for the taste of traditional ...
  3. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: Downlow On Foodie History

    Was Singapore’s first hawker centre really a carpark on Orchard Road? Chef Ivan Yeo goes back into the precinct’s food history to curate a dinner ...
  4. OTRD ep 35 - tanglin halt
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    Ep 35: Places We Will Miss: The Last Goodbye

    Join Dr Leslie Tay as he walks down memory lane at Tanglin Halt before its iconic 10-storey flats and heritage food stalls and shophouses are torn ...
  5. TP ep 36 - food tray 2
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    Ep 36: Food Trays Part 2: How Do We Solve The Problem?

    Talking Point host Diana Ser rolls out a bold new experiment using technology, to force Singaporeans to return their food trays and used ...
  6. TP ep 35 - food tray
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    Ep 35: Food Trays Part 1: Why Can’t We Get It Right?

    Despite a slew of initiatives aimed at nudging Singaporeans to return their food trays when dining out, we just can’t seem to do it. Why can’t we ...
  7. Save Hawker Culture. Save Hawkers
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    Ep 2: Save Hawker Culture. Save Hawkers

    With veteran hawkers retiring and few young people entering the trade, how can Singapore keep our hawker culture alive? Will we lose part of our ...
  8. Without Hawkers, Singapore Won't Be Where It Is Today
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    Ep 1: Without Hawkers, Singapore Won't Be Where It Is Today

    Hawkers have been feeding Singaporeans for over a century. How did this humble trade become our national culture and part of our DNA?
  9. Hawker Centre in Singapore

    Commentary: Hawker food isn't what it used to be. And it’s partially our fault

    We are all custodians of our hawker culture – and it takes more than a UNESCO nomination to preserve it, say Annie Tan.