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  1. Sutachi owners

    'We have never taken a full salary as young hawkers'

    “We gave ourselves a year to see if Sutachi would work out. With a year, I have the profit and loss statements to look at. We made our decision ...
  2. Kopitiam City at Buangkok

    NTUC Enterprise's acquisition of Kopitiam cleared by competition watchdog

  3. hawker centre ang mo kio

    What is a 'social enterprise' hawker centre? MP asks in Parliament

  4. NTUC foodfare gift-a-meal 2_mod

    The Big Read: Grumbling and rumbling at social enterprise hawker centres — what’s the rub?

    The new social enterprise hawker management model isn't delivering on all its promises, say experts.
  5. Hawker Chan char siew

    Commentary: UNESCO listing may lift hawker culture but saving it is a different challenge

    The bid to list Singapore hawkers may help preserve hawker culture as a distinctive expression of Singapore’s customs but continued efforts are ...
  6. sugar cane juice price increase file photo

    Sugar cane juice prices increase amid shortage in Malaysia

    Suppliers said that their cost price is likely to continue increasing due to the labour shortage in Malaysia.
  7. Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre tray return

    Two hawker centres start automated tray return, to charge deposits for trays