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  1. Without Hawkers, Singapore Won't Be Where It Is Today
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    Ep 1: Without Hawkers, Singapore Won't Be Where It Is Today

    Hawkers have been feeding Singaporeans for over a century. How did this humble trade become our national culture and part of our DNA?
  2. hawker-2

    Does hawker culture have a future in Singapore? Yes, but perhaps not as we know it

    With hawker culture set to be listed in UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list, CNA takes a look at the challenge of getting a new generation ...
  3. Hawker Packaging
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    Hawker Packaging

    In the days before plastics, what did hawkers use to pack food for take-aways? Apparently, anything that worked! Like Opeh leaves, Simpoh air and ...
  4. How To Order From A Hawker Like A Pro
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    How To Order From A Hawker Like A Pro

    Hawkers are busy bees and we get some tips from them to order efficiently. Learn some of the code words to order Prawn Noodles like a pro and our ...
  5. Hawker Centre Trays
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    Hawker Centre Trays

    Why isn't returning your food tray a habit for most hawker centre patrons? We go beyond the need for trays to the way we eat, providing some ...
  6. Hawker Signs
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    Hawker Signs

    Ever wondered why some Chinese hawker stalls have the character ‘Heng’ in their name? Or why some Malay stalls have ‘Power’ in their signboards?
  7. Hawker Chilli Sauces
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    Hawker Chilli Sauces

    Singaporeans love their chilli sauces and the right one can bring out the umami of the dish. We break down some of the common chilli sauces that ...
  8. Hawker Appliances
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    Hawker Appliances

    Fry, boil, steam - basic methods used by hawkers today and in the past. But how did street hawkers in the olden days do it without electricity?
  9. Yu Kee Tenderfresh

    Succeeding as a hawker: Industry veterans say conditions are challenging but not impossible

    Among a flurry of voices concerning a variety of issues faced by hawkers recently, there are those who have become successful and created ...