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  1. The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Mexico City

    Commentary: COVID-19 presents ethical dilemmas for medicine even after the pandemic

    The existing medical ethical frameworks were not devised for a pandemic and it shows, says Professor Judit Sándor.
  2. (kd) critical illness

    Commentary: Cancer patients are a vulnerable group during COVID-19. But that can be helped

    Increasing evidence suggests that cancer patients have an elevated risk of COVID-19 infection and are more likely to have higher morbidity and ...
  3. Outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Mumbai

    Commentary: India’s fragmented healthcare system is its Achilles’ heel in the fight against COVID-19

    The inequities in availability, accessibility, affordability and quality of health services in the public and private sectors have been apparent ...
  4. IMH facade

    Commentary: Our approach to mental health needs to change. COVID-19 will force us to

    The effects of COVID-19 on our collective mental health have yet to be studied systematically, but there are already repercussions felt worldwide, ...
  5. Hand holding bar of soap at sink

    Commentary: The humble bar of soap is a powerful weapon against COVID-19

    Soap is one of the most effective ways of cleansing your hands of viruses and has a proven track record in helping to fight past pandemics, says ...
  6. diaper lawrence 3

    This entrepreneur is giving dignity to needy folks, one diaper at a time

    When he noticed how old and needy folks would save on diapers even though they have urinary incontinence, Mr Lawrence Ng started his own company, ...
  7. stock elderly 03

    Commentary: COVID-19 - an ageing world makes it harder to fight pandemics

    With greater life expectancy now than before, it has become more expensive to fight an outbreak, says Andrew Scott.