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    Vegetarians have higher risk for stroke, lower heart disease risk

  2. Cancer cells are seen on a big screen connected to a microscope at the CeBit computer f

    Cancer now 'leading cause of death' in rich countries

    Cancer has become the leading cause of death in rich nations, overtaking heart disease, according to the results of two landmark, decade-long ...
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    Older women have higher heart disease risk with 'apple' shape

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    Living with HIV means increased risk of heart disease

  5. Doctor patient

    Heart doctors recommend cardiac rehab for cancer patients

  6. South Asians heart disease high blood pressure

    Living alone does not worsen heart disease more in women than men

  7. Sunny side up fried eggs

    New study ties egg and cholesterol consumption to heightened risk of heart disease

    After a raft of studies reassuring consumers that eggs are OK to eat, a new report associates an increasing risk of heart disease with the ...
  8. Why do South Asians have such high rates of heart disease?

    Why do South Asians have such high rates of heart disease?

    "We all have someone in our first-degree circle that has either died suddenly or had premature cardiovascular disease," said one researcher.