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    Heatwaves from the Arctic to Japan: A sign of things to come?

  2. FILE PHOTO: A volunteer, for recovery work, wipes his sweat as he takes a break in a heat wave at a

    Heatwave blankets Japan, kills 14 people over long weekend

    An intense heatwave killed at least 14 people over a three-day long weekend in Japan, media reported on Tuesday, and high temperatures hampered ...
  3. Australia Sydney

    Record heatwave scorches Sydney: Reports

  4. workers Singapore file

    Commentary: In this heat, Southeast Asia's economies may take a hit

    Apart from generating personal complaints about the weather, rising temperatures could have serious impact for national labour productivity, says ...
  5. Queensland police egg fry

    Aussie policeman fries an egg on his vehicle thanks to heatwave

    A video posted on the Queensland Police Service's Facebook page shows an officer cooking an egg with a frying pan sitting on top of a vehicle ...
  6. NSW Rural Fire Service

    Australia warns of 'catastrophic' fire conditions amid heatwave

    Eastern Australia is bracing for severe 'off-the-scale' fire conditions Sunday as it baked in a heatwave that has broken temperature records and ...
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    Sydney to swelter under December heatwave

    A heatwave in the Southeast region of Australia will reach extreme intensity in some parts of the country by Thursday (Dec 29), according to ...
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    Climate change making extreme weather events worse: UN

    Climate change "has increased the risks of extreme events such as heatwaves, drought, record rainfall and damaging floods," says World ...
  9. Camber Sands Britain deaths

    Five beachgoers die in Britain on hottest day of year

    The bodies of two men were found at Camber Sands, southeast England, hours after three men died after being pulled from the sea.