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  1. New Content Item

    Ethnic clash in Nigeria leaves four police officers dead - official

  2. A Fulani cattle herder walks with his cows outside the city of Tillaberi

    Why Niger and Mali's cattle herders turned to jihad

    When Doundou Chefou first took up arms as a youth a decade ago, it was for the same reason as many other ethnic Fulani herders along the ...
  3. Mongolia election day - Jeremy 1

    Mongolia economy, graft in spotlight as voters elect president

    Mongolians cast their votes on Monday (jun 26) in a presidential election seen as a referendum on the government's economic recovery plans and ...
  4. Mongolia dzud

    Severe winter killing off livestock in Mongolia

    This is the second consecutive year that the landlocked country is grappling with such severe weather conditions, known as the "dzud".
  5. ger

    'There's no way to dream': A glimpse of life in Mongolia's ger shantytowns

    Many who live in ger districts are former herders drawn to the city by the promise of a new life, or pushed off their land by extreme weather.
  6. Tibetan nomads 1

    Millions of Tibetan nomads move into permanent homes

    As several nomadic herders heap praise on the resettlement project, experts deduce it is a product of the government's desire for greater control ...
  7. Lhakpa Sherpa

    Nepali woman beats own record for most Everest summits

    The daughter of a yak herder, 43-year-old Lhakpa Sherpa worked as a porter and kitchen hand on trekking and mountaineering expeditions when she ...